The perfect holiday by the sea

The proximity of the sea – 250 m, a sandy beach and the beauty of the Kołobrzeg seaside park create the opportunity to spend your dream vacation for those who value peace, quiet and active forms of recreation.

A few words about us

Family, friendly atmosphere, peace, silence and birds singing outside the windows, will make you relax and rest with us no matter what time of year.

Since 1997, the second generation of the family has been trying to meet your expectations. Our priority is to make you enjoy a carefree holiday with your relatives. Nothing pleases us more than returning and revisiting guests.

Rooms in our offer

You can relax in 20 rooms of different standards.


ilość osób: 2-3
cena: od 130.00 zł/dzień

Jest to duży, w pełni umeblowany pokój z łazienką i telewizorem, urządzony w stylu morskim. Pokój typu deluxe ma bezpośredni dostęp do ogrodu.



number of people: 1-2
price: from 110.00 PLN/day

This is a spacious room, fully furnished, with a bathroom and a TV, and has a marine decor.


Standard Plus

number of people: 3-4
price: from 160.00 PLN/day

It is a large, spacious room, fully furnished, with a bathroom and TV, and has a marine decor. Due to the size of the room there is a possibility of an extra bed for an additional person.


Contact us

  • Klonowa 12 street,
    78-100 Kołobrzeg
  • phone: 94 35 187 34
  • cellphone: 882 628 338

Villa Anna

Our second facility which we invite you to during the summer season is the intimate Villa Anna, located 200 m from the sea, directly adjacent to the seaside park. It is one of the villas closest to the Baltic Sea and a sandy beach in our district.

The unique location right next to the forest allows perfect relaxation for those who are looking for peace and relaxation in the bosom of nature.

We offer our guests 6 comfortable rooms with bathrooms. Double, triple and quadruple rooms are tastefully decorated in brown tones, furnished with alder-colored furniture and equipped with LCD TV, radio, blanket, beach screen and a sunbed.

Kontakt - Willa Anna

  • tel. 943 516 834
  • kom. 501 373 415
  • kom. 503 783 518

Picturesque Kołobrzeg

Kołobrzeg, a well-known and appreciated health resort of the Baltic coast. It is a port city with over 1000 years of history, and for 200 years has been known as a health resort, it is characterized by

a microclimate with medicinal properties. The specificity of the Kołobrzeski climate creates favorable conditions for the use of climate stimuli for therapeutic purposes.

Sunny, wide, coastal beaches make Kolobrzeg widely regarded

is one of the healthiest cities in Poland, a well-respected resort and an excellent, lively place for summer recreation.